Music & Dance

Music is often a tool of transformation. Vibrational medicine.

It can radically alter our mood and environment in powerful ways.

As can moving the body in creative and expressive ways, breaking our usual habits.

I play resonant acoustic instruments: didgeridoo, guitar, piano, Tibetan singing bowls, drums etc.    and electronic instruments and I love working with this combination of ancient and modern technology together.

I regularly DJ ecstatic dance and Somatic Flow classes.

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement space, where you can be yourself and dance your truth without the mask of personality or agenda. There are not fancy moves to learn, you can leave your worries at the door and simply let the rhythm take you. As the name suggests, it’s more “up tempo” than Somatic Flow. The only rules are:

1) No talking on the dance floor

2) No alcohol or drugs

3) Respect others

Somatic Flow is a form I created and am developing from many years of meditation practice and my work as a craniosacral therapist / energy healer. It is a very deep, slow intuitive movement meditation journey, facilitated by ambient healing music, designed to restore the nervous system and facilitate a state of deep rest and wellbeing.

I also lead chanting circles (in Sanskrit and English) and teach meditation.

And I am creating a new dance meditation project with live ambient-fusion-world music in collaboration with friend and talented percussionist and healer, Rowan Sterk, called Dream Element. We’re both really excited about what we’re creating!

These very different methods can all help us to shift our energy so that we feel more embodied and in our hearts and can create a field of unity in the group wherein we feel connected to each other, our purpose and our innate wellbeing.

My music is available for licensing for personal or commercial use.
And I am available and love to play at events and festivals.
Contact me for more information.

My DJ sets are on Mixcloud… (click on the nice sunset, it’s a link)

And you can buy my music in my Shop